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7 Dec by Abigayle

Christy Brinkley Skin Care: Australia is No Match

What is the most important part of your body?  Your hair?  Eyes?  Toes?  If your name happens to be Jon Snow, it might be your butt.  But for us mere mortals, our skin is the most important thing.  It is what keeps our insides where they are supposed to be.  It is what people notice first about us.  Sorry to inform you that your sparkling personality is not what people see first.  That is just the way of the world.

Since people see our skin first, it is important to take good care of it.  There is no end to the different kinds of skincare products out there.  From lotions to oils, to sunscreen and powders, there is no excuse to abuse your body wrapper.  You are stuck with it no matter what, you might as well take good care of it.

For us more wizened women, this includes the need to reduce the visible signs of aging, like wrinkles.  There are dozens of products out there, but let us take a closer look at just one and see what the ingredients have to say about its effectiveness.  For this example, we will use Christie Brinkley skin care.  Australia and its ozone hole should not be able to penetrate through this stuff.

Taking a look at one of the bottles in her line, there are only nine ingredients. 

1.    Neodermyl

This is supposed to support the skin's natural energy and collagen production.  With more collagen, elasticity and firmness should return.

2.    Elix-IR

Christie Brinkley skin care.  Australia

A knotgrass extract, this acts as a sunscreen and helps to repair UV-ray damage.

3.    Sytenol A

Made from nameless edible Indian seeds, this ingredient is supposed to reverse the signs of aging skin.

4.    K Vita C

As the name suggests, this is a Vitamin C (a special kind), which is known to have antioxidant properties and also help decrease roughness in the skin.

5.    Mitostime

Brown algae that doesn't have a specified purpose, but people wrap themselves in seaweed, so why not smooth some algae on their skin as well.  It should do the same thing.

6.    Vederine

This will act as a sealant and help to preserve your skin's own natural moistures.

7.    Phormistim G

South African plankton will help your skin's natural antioxidant abilities. 

8.    Aquaxyl

Not only will this hydrate your skin, but it is supposed to aide your body in hydrating itself too.

9.    Essenskin

A blend of amino acids and calcium that improves elasticity and smoothness.

With a blend of all those ingredients, reducing fine lines and wrinkles should be in the future for its users.  It seems to hit all those buzzwords that those with crow's feet wish to hear: elasticity, firmness, smoothing, repair, natural.  It brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.  I better not smile too broadly, however.  I don't want to deepen my wrinkles.  I'll have to wait until this stuff starts to work before I allow my teeth to show with my grin.