How I Quit Smoking

11 Dec by Abigayle

How I Quit Smoking

I had been a smoker for a very long time, and as I began to get older, I began to notice a whole lot of problems with my health that I did not have before.  I started coughing really hard every morning when I woke up, and this was something that was really bothersome to me.  I knew that I probably needed to quit smoking if I did not want my health to continue to deteriorate, and so I decided that I would try to quit.  At first, I tried quitting cold turkey, and that was something that really did not work out very well for me.  The cravings were just too much for me to bear, and I found myself cheating at every single chance that I got.  I wound up giving up on the whole cold turkey thing, and I decided to see if there were any other avenues I could possibly take in order to finally quit smoking.

A friend of mine had just begun vaping with e-juice, and he told me that this was the best decision that he had ever made.  He said that it was easy to quit smoking in this way because he was still able to get the nicotine that he had cravings for without getting all of the harsh chemicals that are in tobacco.  I decided that I would give this a shot, and I began looking on the internet in order to learn more about this whole vaping thing.  What I found was that there were a whole lot of people out there who had successfully quit smoking by vaping, and so this really just helped me to confirm my decision.  I decided to go to the nearest vape shop and see what other info I could find on the matter, while also seeing if I might be able to get set up with my own e-cigarette. 


The person at the shop was very helpful, and was able to tell me everything that I needed to know.  The cool thing was that I could get the e-juice in a number of different flavors, which meant that it would actually taste better than the cigarettes that I had been smoking before.  This was something that I had not considered earlier on, but it is one of the bigger reasons why someone ought to consider vaping instead of smoking cigarettes.  Not only does the vapor taste better than the smoke, but it also smells better and does not get stuck in your clothes.

I have been vaping for about six months now, and I never even crave cigarettes at all.  I have also begun to feel as though I am getting a little healthier with each passing day.  This is something that I really wish I would have looked into earlier, but now that I have, I am glad I did it.  If you are a smoker who is looking to quit, I would definitely suggest this method.